Monday, June 13, 2016


Photography has helped me learn that I can create beautiful things out of anything. Sometimes even the most ordinary things can be the most spectacular if taken from the right point of view. A challenge I have faced this semester was finding time to take pictures. During photo one i had plenty of time but I was able to get a job at the begging of the second semester which meant that I had less time to work on homework and photos. I always found the time to take them though either at night or early morning or on the weekends. My best work were my light box images. The light box allowed me to take professional looking photos and I really liked how they turned out. If I could choose to re do a project it would be the water/ milk project because I liked where I was going with it but I did not have enough time to play around with other colors or mediums. When taking photos in the future I will be wary of the direction and time of light, and also making sure to use rule of thirds and leading lines. I have learned that by doing these things I can achieve much better photos.
Light is incredibly important because it creates shadows and creates better quality images if used correctly. Golden hour is the best time of day I have found to take images because the light is directly on the face or object and that creates an even beautiful light. There are no rules to creating a good photograph. Just be creative, think outside of the box, use good lighting, and play around until you find what you like. A good photograph GENERALLY but not always includes good lighting, rule of thirds, leading lines, is telling a story or emotion, and captivates the viewer.